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We offer safe, effective, economical and environmentally responsible waste water, odour control and asset protection solutions.

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Masking agents, corrosive chemicals, non-performing “snake oils” and expensive solutions have all entered the market making various claims in one form or another.

Published studies and articles by various companies, organisations and individuals, comparing stabilised Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid (MHL) with other chemical alternatives has proven MHL to be the safest, most cost effective and environmentally responsible to use for:

  • odour control of H2S gas
  • long term protection from corrosion
  • raising the ph level of acidic waste water

Industry Example

Odour and Corrosion Control in Sewerage systems

Corrosion in sanitary sewerage systems occurs when hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S) is biologically converted to sulfuric acid leading to heightened H2S odour and ultimately to accelerated corrosion.

As the main contributor to odour and corrosion in collection systems, H2S is typically treated with odour control agents that can be costly and ineffective in providing long lasting H2S removal and sulphide control throughout the collection system.


MHL batching plant in operation

MHL Solution

Magnesium hydroxide is effective in eliminating H2S, by reducing both dissolved sulphide production and headspace H2S gas.

MHL also offers additional benefits.

  • Magnesium hydroxide liquid does not lead to the formation of additional unwanted sludge, as often happens with lime and iron salts.
  •  Provides long-lasting alkalinity, slowly dissolving to increase the pH of wastewater to an optimum pH range that significantly reduces the formation of H2S and prevents further corrosion of sewer lines.
  • MHL pH buffering ability provides effective treatment for kilometres downstream from the addition point thus reducing the number of chemical injection points needed.
  •  Adding magnesium hydroxide to the sewerage  system provides additional benefit downstream in the wastewater treatment plant.

The introduction of  MHL for the protection of the collection system network  to control the formation of H2S gas has short and long term economic benefits. Future capital costs for early relining or replacement of corroded infrastructure can be avoided with the use of stabilised MHL.

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