How We Make a Difference


Many industries create acidic water or other liquid waste which makes it unsuitable for re-entering the environment. Todays’ economic climate demands greater savings, coupled with more efficiency and sound environmental practices. There is now an opportunity for Council’s, Water Authorities and Industries to embrace environmental responsibility, odour control and asset protection with stablised Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid . MHL Consultants can offer  MHL formulae coupled with innovative MHL batching plant technology.

mhl research

MHL Research and Development

We have spent many years researching the characteristics of reactive MgO in order to discover the safest ingredients and best process for the production of stabilised Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid. The formulas we have developed maximise the usefulness of MHL in industrial applications by being non toxic, non carcenogenic and remaining in suspension for long periods of time.


Quality-Manufacturing-Facility2MHL Manufacturing Plants

As designers and manufacturers of MHL batching plants we can offer individual solutions to every client thus empowering Councils, Water Authorities and Industry to produce their own stabilised MHL very cheaply. Producing your own MHL onsite breaks the virtual monopoly of bulk delivery and purchasing by weight.  Importantly, this represents an opportunity to substantially reduce your costs and the carbon footprint. We can design a MHL batching plant from micro to macro, from small shed to large factory, to suit the usage needs of your individual operation.


planning dosing operationDelivery Design and Planning

In order to maximise the success of any MHL solution, it is important that the delivery of MHL takes place in the right amounts and at the correct stages throughout the industrial process. We have many years of experience researching and mapping the best methodologies for dosing and delivery of MHL in waste water treatment across Australia.

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